Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Diabetes And My Hobbies - Part One My Brief Racing Career

A few years before I was misdiagnosed with type II diabetes I decided to check off one of the items on my bucket list and actively pursue my hobby of motorsports by buying a car and fixing it up to be a racecar. I then trained for and received my SCCA/CASC license. My rookie year was fairly successful netting the rookie of the year from the British Automobile Racing Club.
My Car and Me At Watkins Glen
After I was diagnosed with type 2 I continued to race at road courses in Canada and the States. Later when I was correctly diagnosed with type 1 I had to take an extensive physical to renew my race license, fortunately I passed with flying colours.

During a race weekend I was testing my blood sugar before and after a race. The reading always went up due I think to the amount of adrenaline in my system. Besides the sugar levels, I had to make sure I was well hydrated and keep my core temperature from overheating while wearing a racing fire suit out on a hot track. Fortunately the races were short never much over an hour. The sugar level were much less difficult to control than when I was on prednisone for a very bad case of poison ivy!

When I moved back to Toronto I sold my race car and retired from the racing scene and took up a new hobby more in keeping with downtown city life.

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Stay Tuned For Part II - My Hobby In The City

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