Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Help I'm Addicted To Bread

My Life On Mars
I swear that it was the drinking of excessive amounts of pop causing my pancreas to work overtime that triggered my diabetes. This made it easy to give up pop as I blamed it for my problems. I was never interested in loading up on the artificial sweeteners that are in diet soda.

Adjusting my diet to eat healthy was for the most part not difficult: Some water with lime more refreshing without the sugar high; No sugar in my coffee all I can say you get use to it; A portion of 80% coco chocolate rather than a whole bar of milk chocolate actually tasted better; Buying unprocessed unsweetened foods such as whole grain cereals and yogurt then adding fruits and nuts plus maybe a bit honey tasted better than what I was eating before; Replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes all good. Over a couple of years my sweet tooth except for the occasional indulgence for the most part disappeared.

But even after 14 years of being a diabetic fresh bread is my nemesis. I can see that it spikes my blood sugar levels yet I still can’t resist, the instant gratification is just too great. And then add to the list other fresh baked goods, and you know my weakness. At the moment of purchasing or worse still with the reward of the first bite I’m oblivious to the consequences of eating these fast sugar release foods.

I'm going try to redirect the attention of that pea sized part of my brain that says go for it by carrying healthy snacks around with me. This way I hope to redirect my impulse by promising myself a snack. I will let you know how it goes.